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The Chosen One DVD
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The Chosen One is on DVD now for the low, low price of $15! (Compared to $21.99 at This price won't last so buy now!

The Reviews Are In!


We had a great time screening The Chosen One and celebrating geek pride at Comic-Con. Of course, we had an even better time reading these awesome reviews in advance of our September 9th DVD release:

ABC News (check out "Hundreds Gather" video for our interview)


The Chosen One at Comic-Con!


We'll be selling ADVANCE COPIES OF OUR DVD and SCREENING THE MOVIE as part of the Independent Film Festival at the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con on July 24-27! Please come by and see us at TABLE B05 (near aisle 500) - we'll be selling signed DVDs, T-shirts and souls.

Friday, July 25
Room 26AB

Fest on the Beach


The Chosen One will be playing on Monday, April 28 as part of the 2008 Newport Beach Film Festival in Newport Beach, CA. If you're in the area and want to catch us - get details here!

Best Animated Film


The Chosen One received an "Honorable Mention" at the Binational Independent Film Festival, coming in right behind John Sayles' new film Honeydripper, but coming in on top of all the other animated films (of which there were none)! We had a great time with everybody at the fest (nonetheless, you will be punished, Sayles)!

International Premiere


The Chosen One will be playing in Juarez, Mexico on Thursday, January 10 and in El Paso, TX on Friday, January 11 at the Binational Independent Film Festival. Get more screening details here!

An Award-Winning Film


The Chosen One walked away with the "Best Experimental Film" award from the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. Thanks to everybody involved for putting together such a great event and supporting our little movie!

Fort Lauderdale Film Festival


The Chosen One will be showing as part of the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival this SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11th, and the critics are already going wild! Click here for more details!

An Evening with The Chosen One


The Chosen One will be screening publicly on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13th at the Glendale Public Library, courtesy of the Los Angeles Animation Co-Op. Click here for more details!

Crew Screening


Some select crew, friends & family of The Chosen One gathered together tonight in Culver City's Ince Theater to screen the film, with overwhelmingly positive results. There were many laughs, good reviews, consumed snacks & only two confirmed cases of botulism (the funny kind) - thanks to all who attended!

It's a Wrap!


The final sound was mixed today and The Chosen One is complete! It took about five years of stopping and starting from first draft to now, but we've got ourselves a movie! Check back to find out about screenings, festivals and the DVD release.

We also are looking to make a line of custom.

New Site Launch


It's alive! Alive! The new Chosen One website is up and kicking. We've still got a little more content we need to stick in here, but a pretty design and sweet user interface more than makes up for that!  It’s a fantastic 'webperience' that will excite your 'endorphosphere' and render you 'catatostatic'… to the XTREME!!!

Feature Animation Complete


Run, Lou and Zeb!

The animation is locked down and lookin' good. It's now on to sound design! Oh yeah!  

Thanks to all the folks who pitched in toward the end so that this thing could be done on time and on budget. You guys are angels. Sweet baby angels with laugher like little bells. And mad animation skillz.